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Visual communication with a passion for design, form, typography & UX

Who is Pixelwrap Creative?

Hi, I'm Steven a UI-UX designer, web-developer & graphic designer, currently based in Belgium.
I love to think out user-centered design & communication, web-applications & design concepts and model them into practical examples.

After attending arts and graphic design studies I became gradually more interested in design and form for the modern web and decided to study web-development techniques in Antwerp.
Besides coding and UX-UI design, I've been working as a it-analyst, signmaker and printdesigner.

Would you like help with your web-project, design needs or wish to discuss a project?
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Pixel-perfect services

  • Web-development
  • UI-UX
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Wordpress development
  • E-commerce, webstores & online marketing
  • Branding, Logo design & vector illustrations

Recent projects

DataVision s.r.o. - Brand identity - Logo design

Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Figma


MongoDB, Nodejs, ExpressJS, HTML, CSS

Booking app - Application flow map

XD, Figma

not found

Intuitive dashboard UI

PS, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3

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Landing page UI

PS, AI, Figma


Webmagneet - Marketing website

HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS

The Outfit Factory - Carwrap design

Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity

Food delivery app prototype

Figma, XD, Affinity

Saas HTML-template UI

Figma, AI

Case studies

UX design and prototyping

For a time tracking app, We needed a study of the visual design and the user interaction design of a panel where daily tasks are filled. The purpose of this exercise was to improve usability and claritry of the user interaction element while keeping the panel compact.


UI design workflow

While creating a UI for a business application the challenge was to get a consistent looking UI that was in line with the companies design principles.
Steps to achive this:

  • Conducting research for target audience and application use cases
  • Create a high fidelity protoype of the main UI elements
  • Establish a design system in CSS3/SASS


Wireframes and app user flows for desktop and mobile apps

In practice wireframes and user flows help improve development time and communication between teams.
Therefore careful planning and research of the UI and functionalities that are esssential for the usability and context in which the app will be used. It also creates a better understanding within the development team, creates room to consult with thte client and improve the app from its early stages.


Activity log pristine state

Outlook of the panel that allows users to log individual tasks while including travel time.

Activity log filled state

Understanding the filled state and interaction points and their respective behaviour in different interaction states.

UI design research

Understanding advanced filtering for different types of data inside the app.

Business app UI

Defining UI colors and setting up design system for elements

Booking app user-flow

The overview demonstrates a simple user-flow for a booking- system app that allows users to find and make booking from different sources.

Wireframe for Inspection app

Task at hand was to create a inspection module for a client.
Fase 1: Interactive prototype for an inspection app with step navigation.
Fase 2 : Reproducing the inspection app in Angular2+

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